King's Cross Academy

King’s Cross Academy, a sister school of Harvest Learning Centre in Cheras, provides Cambridge IGCSE, the world’s most popular qualification for 13 to 18 years old.

Why Choose Us

We strive to educate students to excel academically while modelling discipline, commitment, spiritual and moral principles. 

Experienced & Passionate Educators

Our teachers are qualified and have many years of experience teaching the IGCSE syllabus. We are passionate and dedicated towards the development of our students.

We Care

At King’s Cross, we make sure each students feel cared for. We understand that students might face emotional uncertainty during these growing years hence we provide counselling service and are always available to offer a listening ear.

More attention given

Small class size: Our Class size is set to a maximum of 14 students to a teacher. This ensures that each individual students get adequate attention.

Academic excellence

A clear curriculum framework is used for each subject, providing a clear teaching structure, along with an integrated assessments to monitor learners’ progress.